Your New Car Not Exactly Your "Dream Car"? Ways To Make It Better

Finding and getting exactly everything you have ever wanted in a car is not always easy. You might find the right make and model, but the wrong year. Maybe the price is perfect, but the make and model are wrong. Finally (and this happens more often than anything else), everything about the car is perfect except for the color. If you find that your new car's color is repugnant (because not everyone loves black or tan), here are some ways you can transform the car's exterior and put it closer to your vision of your dream car.

Paint It

The great thing about cars is that you can paint them. Paint yours all one color, or paint designs on it. Splatter it with polka-dots or seventies-style daises. Change it up with chevrons. Whatever appeals to you, you can put it on a car. Of course, paint jobs on cars are the most expensive, and most permanent, option. Know exactly what you want from your paint job before you pay for it.

Wrap It

Body wraps are an awesome auto accessory. There is absolutely nothing you cannot do with a body wrap. Put different-colored wraps on the car panels just above your tires. Body-wrap only the doors or just the hood and the trunk. Body wraps are as versatile as paint, but far less permanent and far less expensive. The best part is that you can change up the body wrap as often as you change your own clothes (if you want).

Custom Car Magnets

Want to have even more fun for less money? Custom car magnets are the option for you. You can order custom magnets from a company that makes everything from advertising magnets to decorative magnets. If you learn to use a die cutter, you can create your own car magnets too.

The best part is that you will have a truly temporary decoration for your vehicle. Any time you get bored of the magnets on your car, you just pull them off and chuck them in your trunk or backseat. You can also keep a storage bucket filled with various car magnets that you can swap out throughout the year to make your vehicle look completely different from one month or season to the next. If you buy enough custom magnets, it is akin to having a wardrobe of clothes for your car; every one of those magnets is an article of "clothing" to dress up your vehicle.

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