How To Protect Your Older Car Purchase

Some age on a car doesn't mean that it is ready to turn in. Many cars can go well over 100,000 miles, which means that a low mileage old car can be a good buy. These cars often have an economy price and get plenty of gas mileage. One thing that you will need to do for your older car but not for a new one is protecting the car from rust and decay. Here are some things that you need to do in order to take care of the interior and exterior of your older car. 

Get the engine washed

A professional engine washing can go a long way in making sure that your car is in good shape. A good engine cleansing means that the professional will apply acid to the top of the engine's metal parts, then wash the engine off with water. This must be done by a professional as handling acid can be dangerous. Ask the professional to clean off your engine and then check for any leaks or problems under the hood. A clean engine is a healthy engine. 

Purchase a rust inhibitor spray

Rust can creep into many places in the car. You may find rust under the fender, inside of the trunk and the car doors, and on the tire bolts and nuts. Rust can be a huge issue as your car parts may no longer work if the rust takes over a space. At first, you may notice squeaking and squealing, then your parts may stop working altogether. Touching up the large and small parts of your car with a rust inhibitor spray will ward away rust development. Every six months, have a car wash and detailing professional give the car a once-over to look for possible signs of rust. 

Keep the car clean

The simplest way to keep a car in shape is to keep it clean. Do not keep trash in the interior of the car. Make sure that you vacuum out the car as needed so that crumbs, dirt, and debris are not inside. Do not hoard items inside of your truck long term, as this can lead to weighing down the vehicle and causing rust if the items are metal. You should also wash your car, or have it washed, at least once a month. During or after the car wash, perform an inspection of the floorboards, the roof, the tires, and the edges of the car's hood and trunk. If these areas look clean and new, it is likely that your car has a good, long working exterior. 

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