What Makes A Retractable Tarp System Safer For A Flatbed Truck?

Ask just about any flatbed truck driver and they will tell you that a retractable tarp system makes their life on the road much easier. The convenience of retractable tarp systems for flatbed, drop deck, and double drop trailers may be their primary selling point, but these tarp systems have something else going for them that is hugely important: they are safer than a regular tarp.

The simple truth of the matter is that there can be a lot of dangers that come with manually covering a load with a tarp instead of doing things the easier way with a tarp that automatically retracts. Here is a look at a few reasons why a retractable tarp system is much safer than a traditional tarp for your flatbed truck. 

Retractable tarps are not as cumbersome and heavy to move. 

Retractable tarps are situated on the bed of the trailer with a series of rails and rollers, which means that in order to cover or uncover a load the trucker simply tugs at the tarp and it rolls into place. The tarps that are used for protecting a load are extremely heavy because they have to be able to provide adequate protection. Without the rail and roller system, the trucker has to use their own strength to pull the tarp into place, which can lead to back injuries and muscle strain. 

Retractable tarps do not require climbing on top of the trailer to cover a load. 

If a trucker is having to cover their trailer on their own, it is nearly impossible for them to get the tarp in place and secured without having to climb up on the trailer--and possibly on top of whatever they are hauling. This can definitely be a safety risk because slips, trips, and falls are very possible. Retractable tarps slide over the load easily, even if the driver has no help to get it in place. 

Retractable tarps go in place faster to keep the trucker out of harm's way. 

When a driver is out of their truck and working around the trailer, they are not always as visible as they need to be, which can pose a major threat on a busy highway. If the trucker has to step out of the truck to check the load on the side of a highway, which can require untarping and then retarping, they can get the task done more quickly with a retractable tarp. Pulling the handle on the retractable tarp to move it off the load and then back over it is a faster process than having to do everything manually. If you are looking to purchase a retractable tarp for you truck, contact a company like Glider Systems Inc to help you with your needs. 

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