Benefits Of Tinting The Windows On Your Home

Homes that have many windows facing the east or west receive a lot of natural sunlight, but in some instances, the sun coming through the windows is too hot and can cause temperatures in the house to rise. Applying residential window tinting on the glass will help reduce the heat and offers some additional benefits for your home. 

Residential Window Tinting

Just like the glass on your car, the windows in your home can have a UV blocking tint film applied to the glass that will lower the ultraviolet rays that can get in through the glass. The film is available in many types, some of which are so light that you can't tell the glass has tint film applied without looking very closely. 

The residential window tinting is often focused on preventing heat gain rather than reducing light or visibility. Because the UV rays cause the temperature to rise, blocking these rays can reduce the stress on your HVAC unit without reducing the amount of light in the room. 

UV rays can also cause fabrics to fade, drapes to deteriorate, and carpets to wash out, but adding tint film to the glass can help preserve your furnishings and fabrics. 

Light Reduction

Most residential window tinting services also offer tint films that have some level of light reduction available if you are looking to lower the light in the room. This can be an excellent option for a media room that you want to have windows in, but with the option to reduce the light coming through and cut some of the glare from the glass. 

Tinting the glass can also help reduce the ability to see into the house, making the home feel a little more secure. In some areas, a mirrored tint film might be the best way to reflect a lot of light away from the glass, especially in hot climates where the sun stays hot all year. 

The residential window tinting service can go over the available tint options with you and help you select something that works for your home and looks great on the glass. 

Historic Homes

It is vital to consider your situation if your home is in a historic area subject to restrictions by the city government. Applying residential window tinting to the glass is an excellent way to improve the efficiency of older windows, but the city may be limit the tint of the film so that it is not noticeable on the windows. 

If you have a concern about this for your older home, talk with the tinting contractor in the area. If they work in the historic district a lot, they more than likely have run into this rule and know how to deal with it, and still, get your windows tinting to make your home more comfortable. 

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